Shielded Bags and Pouches ARCtec-Cell-Stop

Shielded bags and pouches - Comfort and Security

The ARCtec Cell-stop bags and pouches are based on the functional principle of the Faraday cage. The pouches are blocking all RF-signals. As a matter of fact a mobile device inside a pouch cannot transmit or receive any signal. The mobile device is fully blocked.

Basic material is a copper metalized non-woven that achieves a shielding effectiveness of >90 dB in the common frequency ranges of all mobile devices (GSM, UMTS, LTE, etc.).

Most mobile-service providers store data and locations of the mobile devices without knowledge of the end-user. Mobile-devices can also be used as a "bug". Even turning off the mobile device cannot guarantee that there is no connection.


  • Highest quality and stability
  • Single sources


  • Rugged design using high quality materials
  • Customized design 
  • Easy handling


  • Mobile Phones
  • Smart Phones
  • Tablet - PC
  • Laptops


  • Confidential meetings
  • Sensitive Laboratories and measurement environments
  • Environments at secure locations

ARCtec Cell-Stop offers a wide range of security applications. Even for the outdoor area there are pouches available in water-resistant and shock resistant design.