Shielded Security Case ARCtec-Cell-Stop CS

Shielded Security Cases for Your Safety and Confidentiality

ARCtec-Cell-Stop CS Cases are based on the principle of a Faraday cage. The cases are blocking all RF-signals. For example, a mobile device inside the case is unable to receive or transmit any signals - the device is blocked.

Most mobile-service providers store data and locations of mobile devices without the end-user’s knowledge which can also be used as a “bug”. Even turning the device off cannot guarantee a total disconnection.

With the integrated acoustic noise-masking system the „recorder“-feature of mobile devices is blocked as well.


  • Highest quality and stability
  • Available in many different designs


  • Rugged design using high quality materials
  • Premium quality materials and components
  • Easy handling


  • Trolley-cases
  • Integrated in furniture or racks


  • Confidential meeting rooms
  • Sensitive laboratories and measurement facilities (forensics, physics, etc.)
  • Secure environment

ARCtec Cell-Stop CS offers the right protection for every application. Weather installed in an existing piece of furniture, as stand-alone or mobile use, there is for each application a tailor made solution.