Who we are

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Global Security, Academy and Consultants is a privately owned enterprise. It was founded in the late 1980´s by a group of highly ambitious experts in the field of telecommunication, counter-surveillance and forensic computer sciences under the commercial supervision of a professional management. The roots of the company date back when the first counter surveillance instrumentation was sold to several government agencies.

Global Security, Academy and Consultants renders services in the field of countermeasures against illicit information loss (professional sweeps, security counseling, training), conducts seminars and workshops, organizes symposia and highly specialized exhibitions and delivers hand-selected, exclusively upper class technology to users like government agencies and corporations with elevated security demand.

Highly qualified personnel and latest technology are our key to an utmost level of service- and sales-support. Through a high degree of Quality-Assurance we are earning outstanding customer-satisfaction by reputable and confidential service.

We continuously are aware of our responsibility and the need to earn our clients faith day-by-day.