Technical Surveillance Countermeasure

TSCM covers all services to sweep rooms and local networks for “bugs” or other means of eavesdropping.

Based on the experience over several decades, continuous advanced vocational training of our instructors and the availability of the latest technology from renowned manufacturers our sweep-teams are highly qualified to methodically discover and analyze threats.

Typically we apply the following steps when sweeping a room:

  • Inspection of the Radio-Frequency (RF) Spectrum (Radiowaves) in the range from 120 kHz to 24 GHz to find active transmitters (listening devices), that can be used to transmit sound and pictures.
  • Radio-Frequency Search on power-lines: this method is applied to find an abuse by transmitting pictures and sound by way of carrier-frequencies.
  • Detection of disguised GSM or UMTS (3G) cellphone-connections and hidden WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network) links.
  • Detection of the magnetic field is applied to find wired microphones and conventional recorders, flash-card recorders are detected by reactionary methods of measurement.
  • Searching for electronic components (semiconductors) that are actually turned off by way of a Non-Linear Junction Detector.
  • Physical Survey
  • Inspection of IT- and Telecommunication Networks and their hubs are performed using all available tests of the Telephone- and Line Analyzer TALAN® (such as: NLJD, FDR, AUDIO, RF, PAIR CLASSIFICATION etc.).
  • X-Ray inspection of all components, artifacts and articles of daily use
  • Check for optical bugs (CAMERAFINDER)
  • Thermographic scan with an IR-Camera
  • detailed Security Report and documentation of the gained data

Physical-/Technical Feasibility, Disclaimer of Liability

Our TSCM concept for an elevated protectional need covers typical risks of corporations, industry and commercial enterprises, embassies, banks and insurance-companies as well as preferred branches in medium sized companies.

Our expertises are created in all conscience and the received and delivered measurements are based on the newest available technology. Our employees are all accepted security experts and the used equipment is state of the art commercial available.

Despite this we cannot assume liability that a room which has been inspected by us is totally free of any information search technology. We are most happy to give detailed advice in advance.