General Service

Part of our Service-Philosophy is to provide professional and reliable service based on technology not necessarily commercially available and with highly professional experts as well as an utmost degree of confidentiallity.

  • Providing Security Concepts and Risk-Analysis, Technical Surveillance  Countermeasures
  • Selection and Supply of Hard- and Softwarecomponents, Rendering Services
  • Certified team of instructors providing Training, Certification and Recertification; Part of REI Training, the worlds largest, non-government TSCM training provider
  • Organizing Exhibitions, Symposia, and Security Conferences

Rendering Equipment-Service

We provide service and repair-work and allocate free loaners during the time of repair for the same or equal instruments purchased from an authorized REI dealership.

Securtiy Concepts

We provide a target-performance comparison of your business. Fully documented and illustrated our risk-analysis shows chinks before others can make use of it.

Due to the nature of our business we reserve the right to deny delivery of some specific instrumentation to private customers and to refrain from providing service in selected cases.