GLOBAL SECURITY Academy & Consultants: Professional counterintelligence at the latest state of the art

GLOBAL SECURITY Academy & Consultants is a national provider of the latest generation of counterintelligence solutions. Our solutions are convincing in terms of professionalism and effectiveness as well as in terms of performance and wide range of applications.


Europe-wide protection against espionage

We act Europe-wide as a provider of high-quality systems in the field of professional counterintelligence. As specialists in security technology, we are your competent contact in Austria and numerous other countries for a comprehensive protection and security package that is tailored in detail to the respective requirements and needs. Specifically, our portfolio of professional counterintelligence services includes, for example, targeted eavesdropping protection or defense against eavesdropping attacks.


Security - a state-bearing matter

One of the most important tasks of the modern state is to guarantee the security of its citizens and institutions at all levels. In this context, the protection of confidential information plays a particularly important role. Thanks to the numerous security products offered by GLOBAL SECURITY Academy & Consultants, we are able to provide comprehensive support to national authorities or government agencies in the field of professional counterintelligence. All products in our portfolio are tailor-made solutions that meet the highest criteria in every respect. Based on the selected applications from the high-security sector, we provide sophisticated systems that meet the corresponding requirements in a targeted and comprehensive manner.

Bring your company on the secure side

Whether national or pan-European: Not only governmental institutions benefit from our innovative solutions against data theft and co. GLOBAL SECURITY Academy & Consultants also counts companies among our clientele. For example, with the help of our high-quality counter-espionage applications we offer your company professional protection against eavesdropping attacks and we close any leak in your security systems. The reliable, effective and, last but not least, timely prevention of illegal transfers of important information is absolutely central to our work.


Your competent partner for national and international counterintelligence

Our specialty is the provision of state-of-the-art high-security applications, which are adapted to your ideas and requirements down to the last detail. On the one hand, our employees have many years of diverse experience in this extremely sensitive area. On the other hand, we have specialized know-how, which is comprehensively incorporated into customer consulting as well as into the development, planning and realization of each of our applications in the field of counterintelligence. Thanks to our professionalism, we are able to provide each and every one of our national and international customers with high-tech products and services that offer customized protection against unwanted eavesdroppers, etc.